Shopify App Ideas List

Ideas list

  • Generate demo products
  • Different shipping for different goods (e.g. some perishables can be delivered only for local addresses, while some goods can be delivered by mail)
  • Callback
  • Upload orders in CSV to FTP
  • Orders export (PDF, …)
  • Email triggers (browsed goods, ordered good, ordered category, time since order, …)
  • Geolocation of customer, show delivery conditions
  • Accordion with Google Analytics
  • Custom orders status
  • Display all locations in Google Map for orders for some day
  • Dates for show / hide some product
  • Facebook Events List
  • Facebook Bot Framework
  • Auto / moto rent
  • Selectboxes to buttons in product options
  • Video on checkout
  • Integrations




    • Gumroad

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