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Min-max method for searching ideas on marketplaces

Easiest way to find idea for extension of marketplace is using min-max method. This includes three┬ásteps: Order by sales, descending. So best selling extensions will be shown first Look extensions with lowes rating between best-sellers Select extensions that can be impoved First point need for validating idea (confirm existing of paying customers), second step allows […]

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Why start business on marketplaces?

Instead building something from scratch, better to start business on marketplace and integrate in existing ecosystme (WordPress plugins, Shopify apps, …) Here have these pros and cons. Pros: No need to guess idea. There are available a lot of reviews, where peoples exactly specify what they want Some marketplaces show detailed statistics on sales, so […]

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Marketplaces analysis

simPro Shopify WordPress

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Where to look for mentors and co-founders?

I discovered some great sites:  

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Limit your time

Easy way to concentrate – set end of time of your working day (e.g. 09:00 pm ) and use countdown timer to enforce attention to time. Example (for Windows): Just one funny thing – first time using I forgot to look it, while when I finished daily work and looked timer. It shown few […]

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